Terms & Conditions

Acceptance of services is deemed to be an acceptance of the fees due as per the price list provided and these terms and conditions.

Magpie Inventory agree to produce an Inventory Report which will set out the contents, conditions and cleanliness of the property at the time of inspection. The Inventory Report is for rental purposes only. No warranty or guarantee is given regarding the adequacy of, or safety of any equipment or contents contained in the property. The Inventory Report is a factual record of the items in the property at the date of the inspection and the general condition of same. The Inventory Report is not a building survey and will not make reference to the structure or basic fabric of the building. Insight Inventory Services do not provide a valuation of the items contained in the Inventory Report and no warranty or guarantee is given in respect of such value. All items are considered to be in good clean condition unless otherwise stated.

The inventory will comprise a list of the furniture, fixtures, fittings and household effects with a description of the state of decoration and condition of the interior and its effect at the premises. The report will be based upon the visible condition of the fixtures at the time of the visit.

The representative or clerk will not move heavy items of furniture or similar and we will not be held liable for any detail obscured by such items at the time of the visit.

The Inventory does not purport to be a report of value for the premises and or the contents therein, nor is it a guarantee of, or report of, the adequacy of, or safety of any equipment or contents. It is a list of such items within the premises and the superficial condition of the items and the decorative state of the premises.

The inventory may state when an item of furniture has been seen to have a label advising that it complies with Furniture and Furnishings (Fire and Safety) Regulation 1988, as amended 1993. It should not be assumed that other items not stated comply with this regulation. Compliance with the relevant UK Fire Regulations is the responsibility of the owner/managing agent not with Magpie Inventory. It is recommended that all bedding, soft furnishing or any item which is filled/padded be checked by the agent/landlord to ensure that they comply with current regulations. Regulations on furniture purchased in foreign countries may not meet the UK standards. It is the agent/landlords responsibility to ensure that all items adhere to relevant current UK regulations.

Floor coverings, rugs and carpets will be inspected to the extent that they are sufficiently clean and any defects noted, provided they are accessible and not obscured.

Bed linen, towels and similar items will be inspected to check that they have been freshly laundered and then counted. Soiled items will be checked at the discretion of the clerk and noted on the relevant report.

Magpie Inventory reserves the right not to handle/move valuable ornaments nor will Magpie Inventory include in the inventory, numbers and titles of books, plants, consumables, items which are packed for storage or miscellaneous items other than garden equipment.

Lofts, basements (cellars), locked rooms and any other similar storage area and their contents will not be listed in the Inventory, nor will the Clerk undertake to search through cluttered drawers or cupboards or to unpack box, bags or packaged items.

Windows and other openings are only checked to ensure that they are clean with no visible broken glass. It is the responsibility of the tenant to report any non-opening windows/defects to the Landlord/Agent.

Magpie Inventory reserves the right to apply a charge when a representative or clerk is unable to gain access to the premises at an agreed time, or within 15 minutes thereafter. There will be no further obligation under the terms and condition save the entitlement to invoice the relevant party the proportion of the fee that would have been due had the instruction been completed.

Magpie Inventory shall be entitled to charge a fee to the person, persons or company who has given the instruction. If the instructions are given by either a landlord, letting agent or any third party, this contract is deemed to be made between Magpie Inventory and any of these parties as the principle unless agreed otherwise in writing with Magpie Inventory.